“Faith in Humanity’s Capacity for Goodness” - Dr. Anne Klaeysen on Humanism and the Morality of Atheistic Philosophy

June 15, 2016

In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn and ICNY’s Directory of Programs Dr. Henry Goldschmidt talk with Dr. Anne Klaeysen, leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, ethical humanist religious life advisor at Columbia University and humanist chaplain at NYU. 


On the first Humanists: "While they were experiencing their lives and their commitments to their vocations as religious they were beginning to separate that more from a belief in a supernatural, anthropomorphized deity."

On the "1st manifesto": "Humanism is a philosophy and a religion that emphasizes human responsibility and accountability."

On Adler’s Supreme Ethical Rule: "You choose to attribute worth and dignity to every human being, and secondly, you act in ways to elicit the goodness in others and when you act in that way you are eliciting the goodness in yourself."


Note: The music clips heard in this podcast episode are taken from the song “What About Love?" with full permission from its writer and performer, Athena ReichComplete song and lyrics here


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