“Sanctuary” - Dr. Diane Steinman on Responding to the Plight of Refugees and Undocumented Immigrants

February 23, 2017

From the first week of President Trump’s administration, refugee and immigration issues have become a pressing moral concern for many Americans, with New York City taking center stage as demonstrations spring up everywhere and Mayor de Blasio upholds our status as a “Sanctuary City.”  Even before President Trump launched aggressive new policies targeting undocumented immigrants this week, the Washington Post reported that the number of houses of worship that have declared themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants has doubled nationwide over the past year, while DNAInfo described local congregations signing on to shelter immigrants.  New Yorkers of faith are looking to their religious leaders for guidance, who in turn are gathering to share information and resources.  A lot is happening very quickly and people feel the need to understand not just the events themselves, but what they and their communities can do.   

In this latest episode of the “Interfaith Matters” podcast series, Maggi Van Dorn responds to that need through a conversation with Dr. Diane Steinman, the Director of the New York State Interfaith Network for Immigration Reform. In this brief interview, Dr. Steinman offers listeners:

  • A multi-faith appreciation of human value, that resonates with America’s foundational understanding of equality
  • A history of the “Sanctuary City” movement, and the ways such policies have protected both undocumented immigrants and American citizens
  • Immediate steps that faith leaders and communities can take to join the growing advocacy movement, including providing Sanctuary in houses of worship

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Special Invitation to New York City Religious and Civic Leaders




As noted above, ICNY is holding a full-day conference for New York’s religious and civic leaders on April 5th, exploring the emerging challenges for religious leadership under the presidency of Donald Trump.  Please click here to register for Hospitality in a Time of Hate: Religious Leadership for an Inclusive City under the Trump Administration.  Participation is entirely free, thanks in part to a grant from the Fellowship in Prayer.