“Polishing the Inner Mirror” – Sheikha Fariha al Jerrahi on the Sufi Path of Unveiling Divine Love

November 14, 2015

On Sufism: “The inner knowledge of the nature of the human being, and the divine reality within the human being.”

On being a female Muslim leader: [When you’re not used to it], that’s why you find all these so called holy reasons why it shouldn’t be.”

On Rumi: “When love speaks, it will express itself in poetic form, like the hymns we sing.”

In the third episode of our free podscast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn interviews Sheikha Fariha of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi tariqa located in Tribeca, who speaks about the spiritual path of Sufism, the direct transmission of divine love through the relationship of Sheikha and dervish, and the awakening of the heart in community worship.

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