“A Commitment to Radical Equality” - Sonny Singh on Revolutionary Sikhism, Advocacy & Bhangra Music

March 20, 2016

On Sikhism:

"It's about having direct devotion and access to the Divine, and if that's our way of thinking, that is a commitment to radical equality.  Prayer is an important access point to the divine, but prayer is also fighting against injustice, organizing, feeding people, clothing people..."

On being a faith leader:

"There's no concept of 'clergy' in the Sikh faith.  I define [a faith leader] as someone who is organizing and mobilizing people from a particular faith community for ... at its best, various forms of social and economic justice."

On leadership opportunities for youth:

"We're seeing very smart and on-point young folks that are challenging some of the more conservative elements of our community... about homosexuality, caste, and gender equality."

In this episode of our free podcast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn interviews Sonny Singh, a Brooklyn-based justice educator, activist, published writer and community organizer and musician, who talks with us about Sikhism, his call to social justice, and the expression of his faith and calling in music. 

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