“Without a Vision, There is No Way in Life You Can Succeed” - Dr. Uma Mysorekar on Hinduism and Her Path to Founding the NY Ganesh Temple

January 12, 2016

About Hinduism and Monotheism: "Hindus believe in one supreme Brahman. The anciet sages and the seers always worshiped a formless form of the Lord. The form came in for common people to be able to focus their worship."

On Hinduism and deitieis: "We strongly believe that God is in everything.  You can invoke God in a piece of stone.  Every part of a deity's body gives us a message - Ganesha's ears prompt us to be good listeners, his eyes teach us to be focused."

On the role of the House of Worship: "Temples are bulit for a community platform, people get married here, children love to come and sing, dance."

On Religious Diversity: "We must appreciate differences.  Ultimately we all want to reach the supreme lord.  All religions are equal. In our prayers, we always say 'Let the entire universe be happy and healthy.'"

In the fifth episode of our free podscast series “NYC Faith Leaders,” Maggi Van Dorn interviews Dr. Uma Mysorekar, about her roots in faith, her medical practice, and giving back to the community, helping to found the Hindu Temple Society of North America – New York City’s oldest and largest Hindu temple, in Flushing, Queens.

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