Interfaith Matters

“Coming Together to Keep Our City Safe” – New NYPD Chief Speaks Out

August 12, 2020

“Coming Together to Keep Our City Safe”

Interfaith Matters continues talking with religious, civic and governmental leaders whose lives and work intersect with the Black Lives Matter and police reform protests taking place around the country.


Chief Jeffrey Maddrey, NYPD Chief of Community Affairs Bureau

In this episode, our co-producer Michelle Polton-Simon talks with Jeffrey Maddrey, newly-appointed Chief of the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau, to gain a law enforcement perspective on the Movement for Black Lives, the future of police-community relations in New York City, and the national call for systemic law enforcement reform.


Michelle Polton-Simon is audio engineer, editor, and co-producer of Interfaith Matters.


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“Interfaith Matters” is hosted by co-producer AJ DeBonis. This episode is guest-hosted by co-producer Michelle Polton-Simon, and edited and executive produced by Kevin Childress.

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