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Psychotherapy and Spirituality - Part 2 of “A Common Language that is Always Present” with Rev. Sarah McCaslin

April 24, 2017


“A Common Language that is Always Present"


Rev. Sarah McCaslin on her Spiritual Calling to a Life of Ministry, Psychotherapy, and Waffles





Host Maggi Van Dorn (left) With Rev. Sarah McCaslin



Our Guest: 


Rev. Sarah McCaslin, MDiv, LMSW, Waffle Church Minister at St. Lydia’s in Brooklyn, and resident therapist at the Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute. In a 2-part episode, Sarah talks with us about how her desire to serve and help others leads her on a simultaneous journey of ministry and psychotherapy.  And yes, there will be waffles along the way!


Highlights from Part 2:


The Call to Ministry vs. the Call to Therapy: "It's very similar, [the yearning to be] available to listen and to receive, to provide a non-judgmental and a non-anxious presence." 


On Providing Counseling to People of Different Faiths, or no Faith:  "We have common language and vocabulary, and that's the shared humanity [of] our emotional lives - grief, pain, suffering, estrangement, frustration, despair, hope - that's the language that is always present and accessible." 




A Special Invitation


Reverend McCaslin is going to be a featured speaker at ICNY’s upcoming Social Work and Religious Diversity conference on May 10, which will explore the intimate ties between “Religion, Spirituality and Family Life.”  The conference offers 7 continuing education credits for New York State LMSWs and LCSWs.  Registration is open now at The Interfaith Center of New York’s website





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