Interfaith Matters

“Show Up and Listen” - Rabbi Joshua Stanton on Supporting the Movement for Black Lives

July 13, 2020

The Movement for Black Lives

A new podcast miniseries asks NYC faith, secular and governmental leaders about their experiences of the movement and its future

Rabbi Joshua Stanton, of East End Temple

In the next mini-episode of this series, host AJ DeBonis talks with Rabbi Joshua Stanton of East End Temple about his personal experiences with the Movement for Black Lives, and faith leadership's unique role in public protests, as well as the supportive value of empathetic listening and presence.


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This episode of “Interfaith Matters” is hosted by co-producer AJ DeBonis, engineered and edited by co-producer Michelle Polton-Simon, and executive produced by Kevin Childress.

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Intro music for this episode is edited excerpts of “Maximum Relax” by Lee Rosevere, used under CC BY 4.0 / Edited from original.

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